Udaariyaan co-stars Karan and Priyanka reveal their first impression of each other

Colors show Udaariyaan has grabbed a lot of attention right since the beginning. While fans have been waiting to see more of their favourites, Karan V Grover entered the show a couple of weeks ago and that gave way to a fresh new pair of Priyanka Choudhary and Karan, popularly known as ‘TejAnd’ in line with their screen name.

India Forums got in touch with Karan and Priyanka and quizzed them about their first impression of each other. And as usual, both of them had the nicest of things to say about each other. Karan, while talking about Priyanka, told us, ”My first impression of hers was I genuinely felt that she is really committed because the first time we met, I took a lot of time in the first scene because it was my first scene and I told her that you can shoot your portion and go, because it happens in TV shows. So I thought of her as very honest and found her commitment as high level and I was totally right about it.”

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Priyanka added, ”When I first saw him, he was rehearsing his lines and he was doing something with his stick. I thought that he is really dedicated and serious with his work and he actually is.”

Meanwhile, the show is currently witnessing a lot of drama as usual and fans are engrossed in what is ahead for each of them. As for the TRPs, it continues to rule the charts with a permanent spot in the top 3 shows.