Wedding Anniversary Special: Vivek Dahiya & Divyanka Tripathi Never Sleep Over A Fight

TV performers Vivek Dahiya and Divyanka Tripathi finished two long stretches of marriage on July 8, 2018. While the couple have been commending their exceptional day in Maldives, we became more acquainted with the mystery behind their ever cheerful relationship. The couple met on the arrangements of their show Yeh Hai Mohobbatein when they experienced passionate feelings for. Following a concise time of welcoming relationship and dating, Vivek and Divyanka got hitched fabulously, making a considerable measure of buzz. While conversing with Pinkvilla in a meeting, this is the thing that Vivek Dahiya needed to say in regards to his wonderful association with spouse Divyanka Tripathi. “Love is there between each couple. What keeps us [Divek] together is the shared regard towards work. I regard her work, a similar way I regard her. There is no commitment with regards to space. There has been no commitment from her side that you need to call me at this hour or day. There are no dos or don’ts.” when asked what is mystery behind their much revered marriage, Vivek stated, “There is just a single thing which we have kept and we comply with it even today which is we never battle and rest. We don’t rest over it. There have been times where we have been up till extremely late and both have work early in the day yet we don’t give it a chance to wait around for the following day since then the following day will go for a hurl. I would prefer not to wake up with a severe personality. She is the same. Simply the way that we simply let each other be, that, with the awareness of other’s expectations is the thing that influences it to work.”