What Are Sunil Grover & Shilpa Shinde Up To?

Fans are holding up to watch their most loved performing artist and Bigg Boss 11 victor Shilpa Shinde on little screen. Additionally, Sunil Grover’s fans have been missing him on TV screen. There was a buzz that Shilpa, Sunil and Preeti Simoes are up to something, after Preeti shared a couple of pictures of Sunil and Shilpa on her Instagram account. At the point when Preeti was asked with respect to the same, she didn’t uncover much about it. As per the most recent report, Shilpa and Sunil are holding hands for the web arrangement, which will be a cricket comic drama advanced show. The show will be helmed by the sister pair, Preeti and Neeti Simoes. Preeti and Neeti A source was cited by IE as saying, “In a period when producers are terrified to dispatch new shows amid IPL, Preeti and Neeti have chosen to jump straight into the sea amid the cricket season.” Preeti and Neeti Working On A Digital Show “They are taking a shot at a stand-out show for the computerized world that will unite cricket and satire. Sunil and Shilpa will play reporters and talk about the on-going IPL matches.” Sunil and Shilpa In A Web Series! “It would be on the lines of additional innings, just it would be significantly more fun and engaging. Both Sunil and Shilpa have preferred the thought and appear to be very energized.” Shilpa and Sunil Are Yet To Sign The Contracts! Clearly, the group is chipping away at the content. The creators will declare the show authoritatively simply after Sunil and Shilpa sign the agreements. The creators are in chats with a couple of advanced stages, however since IPL is Star India property, the show may for the most part stream on Hotstar. Shilpa Mimics Sunil’s Song! As of late, Shilpa even shared a video, in which she was seen emulating Sunil Grover’s melody, ‘Minor spouse mujse pyar nahi karte’. Sharing the video, Shilpa expressed, “Jindagi sirf teenager cheejo pe chalti Hain..Entertainment.. Entertainment….. furthermore, E N T E R T An I N M E N T Thanks @whosunilgrover for this Masterpiece.” Shilpa Looks Funny Just like Sunil looked entertaining singing the tune, Shilpa as well, influenced us to chuckle as she was seen lip-synchronizing to Sunil’s melody in her own specific manner! All things considered, seeing Shilpa’s new symbol, we expect that Shilpa and Sunil have begun getting ready for their new web arrangement.