WHAT!! Raqesh Bapat and Ridhi Dogra are heading for a SEPARATION!

Life’s interesting for fans as they relate such a great amount with their most loved stars that each and every occasion in their star’s lives turns into a piece of the fans’. We commend weddings with a similar energy and our hearts break too when the marriage goes into disrepair. Today, we woke up to this weighty hypothesis that Ridhi Dogra and Raqesh Bapat’s multi year long marriage is going to pieces.

We have seen and respected the two on screen in Maryaada – Lekin Kab Tak? what’s more, Sony TV’s Seven.The two began to look all starry eyed at on the arrangements of Maryaada and have been hitched for seven long years. Presently according to the reports of an excitement newspaper, the two are set out toward detachment. Their marriage was on the stones for quite a while and they are not notwithstanding remaining together any longer. The couple is considering partition as there is by all accounts no chance their marriage is working out.

A while prior an official explanation from the two came and it broke the ground underneath. It read” Yes, we are living independently. This choice has been taken with shared regard and care for one another and our families. We are two closest companions who may not be a couple any longer. Be that as it may, our fellowship will proceed as it generally has, through various challenges. Acknowledge whether no further hypothesis is made and sincere appreciation to everybody for all the adoration you have constantly given us,”

Stunning right? Be that as it may, Ridhi denied the bits of gossip prior and said that there is no fact to the tattles. However at this point this announcement makes it calm clear that both Ridhi and Raqesh are going separate ways and they need to do it all in the most agreeable way.