Woah! The chilli powder thrown on Rajveer in ‘Bepannaah’ was NOT chilli powder

When you turn into an impassioned enthusiast of a show, there are numerous occurrences when you recognize the moment subtle elements and now and again, the accidental bloopers as well.

Be that as it may, to take a gander at those points of interest needs a sharp eye, and it appears the unwavering aficionados of Colors’ Bepannaah do fall into that class. This previous week the run and pursue succession between Rajveer (Apurva Agnihotri) and Aditya (Harshad Chopda)- Zoya (Jennifer Winget) was a sure excite to take a gander at. In a similar scene, it was demonstrated that the team figure out how to get away from Rajveer’s grip by tossing bean stew powder all over and diverting him.

However, much to our dismay that this scene will really fit the bill for a blooper, and really turn into an unmistakable misstep. One thing is without a doubt, that regardless, bean stew powder will dependably be of red shading and that was appeared, when Rajveer was wiping the powder off his face. Be that as it may, the place from which AdiYa tossed the powder did not appear to be bean stew powder are all. Infact, that was of dark colored shading and subsequently, this doesn’t bode well in general.

Checkout, what we mean-

Woah! That is some genuine thoughtfulness regarding subtle elements and perception. Ideally, the creators don’t submit advance clear mix-ups.