WOAH!! This actress gets spooked after Shooting for Colors’ Kaun Hai?

Repulsiveness has another name this Friday as Colors’ Kaun Hai? Produces amazingly, one more nail-gnawing account. Called the ‘Spooky Well’, the scene highlights adaptable TV performing artist Priya Marathe and the attractive Alok Narula who paper the part of a wedded couple in the show.

Set in the setting of Mumbai’s acclaimed chawl which includes a spooky well, the couple comes to live in the said chawl where the drawn out water lines to get water would disturb the spouse.

At some point, he just chooses to take water from a fixed well. This apparently blameless act prompts a progression of pivotal occasions that makes the occupants’ blood run chilly.

Discussing her character in the show Priya Marathe stated, “I’m one of those individuals who might never visit an auditorium to watch an alarming motion picture, so shooting for Kaun-Hai made me significantly more sure to confront my feelings of dread. We shot for this scene in the edges of the city, for the most part late in the night on the grounds that the narrating requested it.”

She additionally included, “Returning home from that point, particularly when you’re shooting for such a horrendous arrangement would get every one of us very jumpy. However, I truly delighted in the general understanding of shooting for my first repulsiveness appear.”