Woah! This ‘Nazar’ actress undergoes a NAME CHANGE

Performing artist Sonyaa is surely becoming well known in media outlets at present as she assumes a vital job in Star Plus’ Nazar at this moment. The on-screen character’s full name used to be Sonyaa Gupta, notwithstanding, she has now dropped her last name.

As indicated by reports, Sonyaa has dropped her surname Gupta as it welcomed position awareness and remaining in the social request. In a meeting with Bombay Times, she referenced how surname doesn’t simply give away one’s standing yet in addition financial status as per a few people. Also, the woman herself doesn’t have faith in doing as such and henceforth chose to drop the surname.

Notwithstanding, web based life stages need a last name where the on-screen character haphazardly put ‘pink’ as her last name some time back. Be that as it may, that drove numerous to imagine that it is really her last name which clearly wasn’t the situation.

Sonyaa never met her grandparents and thus as a tribute to her granddad, she received the surname of Ayodhya.

Along these lines, here you go, Sonyaa Gupta is presently Sonyaa Ayodhya.