Yeh Hai Chahatein: Revati to take revenge from Nayantara

Star Plus show ‘Yeh Hai Chahatein’ is getting the love from the audiences. The current track of the show revolves around major tashan between Nayan and Samrat as court has ordered them to stay together for six months.

In the upcoming episodes, Samrat gets annoyed with Nayantara and Prem staying along with them, however, Samrat gets determined to make Nayan and Prem’s lives miserable by further troubling them. He welcomes both Nayan and Prem at their house and asks them to stay in the guest room which isn’t very comfortable. Samrat doesn’t want Nayan to get all the luxuries and suffer for six months.

In the night, Nayan and Prem struggle to sleep in the guest room. Nayan plans something major to teach Samrat a lesson. Samrat wakes up in the morning to find himself tied on a chair while Nayan and Prem sleep on his bed. Samrat gets annoyed while Nayan and Prem enjoy pizza inside his room.

Later, Revathi will learn about Samrat getting kidnapped in his room while he will further force Nayan to do a photoshoot with him in a short dress. India Forums has learned that Revati is getting enraged with Nayan and her winning streak. She gets very revengeful and thus in the upcoming episodes, in a dramatical turn of events, Revati will push Malti down from stairs.

How will Nayan react to Revati’s conspiracy? Will Samrat learn about Revati’s reality? Only time will tell.