Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Fans Upset With The Track, Trend ‘EndYHM’, Here’s What Ekta Kapoor Has To Say

As of late, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein took a jump, post jump, Abhishek Verma’s (Adi) made an exit (as he was executed by Ishita). Additionally, Ishita and Raman went separate ways. Not only this, the show was moved to 10.30 pm opening. While the producers are trying endeavors to take it back to the best opening, the fans are annoyed with the show’s current track. Fans Upset With The Current Track Fans are not recently disillusioned that their most loved jodi went separate ways, Shagun betrayed Ishita, and Adi was murdered, they were angry with the way Ishita was dealt with by Raman. They were angered as Raman in past scene reviled/called Ishita ‘bhanj’. They took to online networking and inclined #EndYHM. Fans’ Tweets: Swetha 💫 “Dear Balaji, Please Know why and how you began the show..! 🙄🙄🙄Just in light of the fact that you had a decent story close by don’t continue demonstrating to us some dumb redundant story.! Your CVs have totally overlooked the underlying foundations of the show..! 🤷♀️🤷♀️🤷♀️🤷♀️ #EndYHM.” – (sic) (Image Source: Twitter) Khan and Mhysa – K H A N – : ‏LOOOOL EVER SEEN A FANDOM WANTING TO TREND FOR THEIR OWN SHOW TO END??? WELCOME TO THE YHM FAM. 😭😂😭😂 #EndYHM. – (sic) Mhysa: I think everybody has seen YHM at one point and to me this was the usp. Ruhi and her Ishimaa! What has happened to YHM is genuinely horrifying! #EndYHM. – (sic) (Image Source: Twitter) JIG 🌸 “Can’t trust RAMAN CALLED ISHITA A “BAANJ” AGAIN!!!! quit ridiculing fruitlessness @creatives like STOP!!! ITS NOT OKAY TO EVER CALL OUT SOMEONES MEDICAL CONDITION WHICH HAS An UNKNON CAUSE regardless of the amount you loathe them like LEARN PLEASE 🙏 #YHM #ENDYHM.” – (sic) @DTmyprincess “Shagun disclosing to Ishita that she committed an error by entrusting her children to her is the most pitiable thing ever! She’s a similar woman who fled abandoning her kids to kick the bucket in a fire! Ishita gave them another birth you trick! They ain’t yours! #EndYHM.” – (sic) Haya, Pooh and Kya.Bae Haya ❤️Div:The End YHM. We adored you yet now it’s an excessive amount of #endyhm. @ektaravikapoor @SandiipSikcand. – (sic) Pooh 🐻 🍯: Save these excellent children of mine.😭💔💔 #EndYHM. – (sic) kya.bae: This is dead so please with all due regard #EndYHM. – (sic) (Image Source: Twitter) Fantasia. “Acclaim for individuals drifting #EndYHM ! high time demonstrates are given a limited life so they stay essential as opposed to an agony, and for ppl laughng, requesting to end thier dearest indicate isn’t a joke, fangirling is valuable, kisi k waqt pe na hans, waqt badalte waqt nai lagta !” – (sic) (Image Source: Twitter) IshRaian ‏”Frankly, I don’t realize what I will do after #YHM closes in light of the fact that after that we will never get #DivAn. Take a gander at my infants, how might I bear to lose them? @ektaravikapoor #EndYHM and carry new show with DivAn. If it’s not too much trouble – (sic) (Image Source: Twitter) Ekta Asks Fans Who Are Trending #EndYHM To Stop Watching The show Ekta as well, took to online networking to asked the fans who were inclining #EndYHM. She requesting that they quit watching the show and included that all stories can’t go according to watchers wish. They need to take a shot at TV appraisals! ‘All Stories Cannot Go As Per Viewers’ Wish’ Ekta stated, “For once I’ll say it my frns!Instead of hash labeling #endyhm quit viewing it!!All stories won’t go as u wish as a crowd of people !! I adore my television group of onlookers I esteem ur conclusion Bt our creatives work with appraisals n television standards! This is for indicate fan groups!Love n regard dependably.”- (sic) YHM’s Ratings Drop Well, we think about whether watchers quit watching, how the show will get evaluations! The show which was at the fifth opening has just dropped to the eight space, post jump. We have seen fans asking producers to not to end the show. May be this is second time (even Kumkum Bhagya fans were annoyed with the track and requested that creators end the show), that the fans are requesting that producers end their most loved show.