Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Holi Special: The Goenkas Celebrate Holi; Dadi Surprises Naira!

The celebration of hues, Holi is finished, yet at the same time we can watch numerous shows are as yet commending the celebration. The producers of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai are additionally concocting a fascinating track, as the cast observe Holi. In the past scene, we saw concerning how Kartik and Naira deal with a child. The relatives ponder as to whose child it may be! They choose to take of the infant until the point that the police discover its folks. Both Singhania and Goenka relatives will be glad to see Kartik and Naira holding with the infant. Naira Excited To Celebrate Her First Holi With Goenka Family! In the interim, the watchers will get the chance to watch Goenka family observing Holi. This is first Holi for Naira post marriage at the Goenka house. Additionally, things have arranged amongst her and Kartik, so Naira is especially energized for the celebration. Dadi Warns Naira! Sadly, when Naira is good to go to play Holi, Dadi cautions Naira. Dadi requests that Naira not play Holi as she hasn’t played it in years. On hearing this, Naira gets dismal. Dadi Surprises Naira! At the point when the entire family is playing Holi, Dadi will astound Naira by getting her out! She even requests that her apply shading. Naira will be reluctant and applies little shading all over. Naira Is Shocked! However, Dadi will stun Naira and the relatives when she influences Naira to pick modest bunch of shading and spread it all over! Naira will be stunned to see Dadi carrying on like this as she herself had cautioned Naira from playing Holi. The ‘Bhang’ Effect! Pondering with reference to why Dadi is carrying on so! Obviously, Dadi would have had ‘bhang’ and gets inebriated. All things considered, we should thank ‘bhang’ as the entire family was upbeat observing Holi with no limitations!