Yesha Rughani Continues to Shoot DESPITE Leg Injury!

Yesha Rughani who assumes the job of Muskaan is a solid character stands up and battles for her fantasies notwithstanding challenges. Taking that soul and utilizing it, in actuality, additionally, Yesha takes motivation from her character and keeps on shooting in spite of extreme leg damage.

Being an artist on the show, each other day the content requests a moving succession. As of late while working out in the rec center, Yesha hurt her left leg and got a tendon tear. Finish rest was encouraged to the performer, be that as it may, she needed to remain focused on the promotion shoot of the show, Musakaan which couldn’t be rescheduled.

Notwithstanding the damage, Yesha figured out how to shoot for the whole day, where she needed to move on Bollywood tune, Kammariya. Yesha shares, “A performing artist chips away at duties and due dates. I needed to shoot a promotion for the show which couldn’t be dropped and I needed to move for the promotion shoot. The agony is awful, however work goes on. I was given my customary range of familiarity and rests in the middle of the shoots, and I pulled it off with a grin.”