Zara shocked and shattered to find Rukhsaar and Kabir’s ‘Nikaahnama’

Significant show is all to air in Zee TV’s Ishq Subhan Allah as Zara’s upbeat days are brief.

Little did Zara (Eisha Singh) realize that sparing Rukhsaar (Shipsy Rana) will end up being her greatest misfortune, as Kabir (Adnan Khan) is compelled to wed Rukhsaar to spare her from a Dubai imprison.

Rukhsaar attempts her level best to not give Zara and Kabir a chance to spend their wedding night together, yet Zeenat falls flat her designs. And afterward, Rukhsaar flops again as the following morning, Kabir takes Zara away for a sentimental morning.

In any case, the wickedness Rukhsaar at long last figures out how to demolish the combine’s walima (gathering) as she herself hands over her ‘nikahnaama’ to Zara.

Zara at that point lashes out at Rukhsaar as she doesn’t trust the letter and solicits her to get out from her home and her life. Kabir attempts quiet her down, however she gets insane and requests that Rukhsaar make tracks in an opposite direction from her sight.

She at that point abandons her gathering and leaves.

Will Kabir have the capacity to disclose to Zara about his circumstance in Dubai which constrained him to wed Rukhsaar?

Will Zara be persuaded?