Ajooni faces pressure to give a heir to the family; Dolly & Harman’s next conspiracy against Ajooni

Star Bharat’s show ‘Ajooni’ has been hailing with some significant viewership and audiences. With the onset of some really compelling stories, it has enabled to pique the interest of the people.

We will witness an engrossing track where we will see Ravinder and Harman put Ajooni and Rajveer under rigorous conditions. There have been numerous confrontations between them which is still prevailing due to their family disparities.

Earlier audiences witnessed Rajveer and Ajooni spending some candid moments together, but things have been altered. In the episode, we will see Ravinder accusing Ajooni for not delivering an heir to their family. She is under pressure for having an offspring to bless their ancestry. For the same, Ravinder is remarrying in order to protect the family from being accused of being without an heir.

One of the most riveting parts will be portrayed in which Harman and Dolly devise a cunning plan to exact revenge on Ajooni. It will be one of the episode’s most gripping scenes. Ajooni deliberately walks right into their trap. But Rajveer shows up to support Ajooni. Do you think Ajooni will accept Rajveer’s help? Get ready to know what plan does Harman and Dolly makes against Ajooni.

The show’s leads, Ayushi Khurana and Shoaib Ibrahim, have a budding chemistry that the audiences are rooting for. Find out how and what happens next and what twists and turns unfolds as Harman and Dolly gets harsh on Ajooni. Will Ajooni tolerate this? Only time will tell.