Akshita Mudgal says goodbye to ‘Ishqi’ as she wraps up

Sony TV hasn’t necessarily had the best record with daily soaps for a while now where multiple shows would be on-air for shorter periods even though the concept may be intriguing.

An array of shows have gone off-air earlier than anticipated and one of them also is Ishq Per Zor Nahin, which is set to go off-air soon. The fans of the show have been dreading this moment as the show enjoys a massive fan following online and otherwise.

And just like the fans, the actors of the show have also been as attached to the characters as one can imagine. Akshita Mudgal, who played the role of Ishqi in the show took this opportunity to bid goodbye to her character. Her caption read, “Idk why it took me so long to post this maybe i m still trying to digest, but here it goes!

“Mai hu ‘ISHQI’ and this “ISHQI IS VERY VERY RISKY”.

Being Ishqi has taught me so much in life, she taught me how to handle every situation alone, how to fight your own battle, how to face this world with confidence. Shez vulnerable yet shez strong. Ishqi has always inspired me in many ways and i hope and believe all the people out there hv got inspired too. Shez someone who ll stand rock solid to keep her loved ones happy and safe.

Big Thanx to @dipti.kalwani @gulenaghmakhan @karishmajain92 @lalitmohan08 for believing me and for giving me Ishqi!

& to all the team members including cast & crew for making this journey beautiful and memorable for all of us.

Thankyou #maahiya #ParamSingh for being my saviour & for alwayz being thr. @rajatverma05 real saviour to tu hi hai. @shagun__sharma @lakshya2204 @neharana03 @officialabhaparmar @mamta_verm_a @kapilsoni222 @jaswinder_gardner @anup.d25 @beennamalje139 @iamarundhati @kiimmy_kaur @iamaakaashgupta @shekhargill @aroraprity @alpeshdixit @officiallyjaisingh @rajivkumarofficial

I Love you all & I miss you

Big thankyou to you guys for loving us unconditionally, will forever be grateful to you all! I m truly overwhelmed. Aap ho to hum hai #IPZN #ishqaan #parakshita #ishqi #ahaan #IshkParZorNahi

PS :- Kisine sach hi kaha hai “Ishk Par Zor Nahi”