Anupamaa actress Rupali Ganguly on Anarkali look: The moment I entered the set, everyone started praising me

Rajan Shahi and his mother Deepa Shahi’s popular show Anupamaa, continues to get great feedback from the viewers. Every day, the show is full of new twists and turns, and fans of the show are quite happy about that. Recently, we have witnessed Rupali Ganguly aka Anupamaa in the show in a ravishing new look. She also posted the look on her social media handle.

Rupali is sporting a gorgeous pastel blue ethnic Anarkali dress with a pair of jhumkas, a dash of lipstick, and a bindi placed nicely on the forehead. Her fans cannot stop praising her look. We have mostly seen Anupamaa in a saree in the show, so this new look is definitely a breath of fresh air.

Speaking about her new look Rupali says,”I do wear salwar kameej in real life. But in Anupamaa, there is a specific look with the saree pleated in a certain way. It was a different feeling wearing an Anarkali dress as Anupamaa. When I wear a saree the transformation to Anupamaa is very natural. I keep telling my creative head Ketaki Walawalkar that don’t make me wear this, I am not very comfortable. And Ketki is someone who has been doing great work in the show and for over a year, we have been very good friends. She is the one who decides all the themes in Anupamaa. So after a long healthy argument, Ketki made me wear the dress, and the moment I entered the set with this look everyone started praising me. And now I am convinced so much that I told Ketki I will have a dress like this in my own wardrobe. So thank you Anupamaa and thank you Ketki for giving me so many new looks and shades in the show.”

In the past, Rupali Ganguly has been part of several successful shows including Sarabhai vs Sarabhai and Parvarish. She took a break from acting to embrace motherhood. After seven years, she made her comeback in TV with Anupamaa.