Archana Puran Singh says people at ‘Comedy Circus’ did not edit episodes well; here’s why

Archana Puran Singh might be criticized and trolled for several reasons pertaining her stint on The Kapil Sharma Show but she continues to bat them down laughing her way to a fun ride as the guest/judge on the show. But over the years, if there is one specific criticism that has come her away especially with her long stint as the judge on Comedy Circus and its multiple seasons – it has to be that of how she apparently laughs at the silliest of jokes.

Apart from it being a sense of critique, it has also been a running joke on her which was constant when Comedy Circus ran for all those years. Now talking about it with ETimes TV, Singh said, It is funny how because of bad editing skills, an actor has to pay the price. There is an old story that I laugh at the silliest of jokes. I want to finally clear that misconception once and for all!”

Clearing the same, she said, “I judged Comedy Circus for almost 10 years and all the comedians, who are part of Kapil’s show, used to be very young then and performed in that show, too. When they cracked jokes, I used to laugh at some of them and just smile at the others, but when the episode aired, it seemed like I had laughed at the silliest of jokes. The team used to edit the episode in such a way that my laughter was added to almost every act and even in places where I had not laughed. This was wrong because it made me look like I had even laughed at a boring joke when in reality, I hadn’t. I have nothing against the makers, but I am sad that the editing team was not careful about this.”

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Owing to this, the running joke on her continues where she added, “Like I had said earlier, it is not easy to sit for hours and judge an act. Similarly, if you notice in Kapil’s show, I am not laughing on every banter. But since this is the impression that people still carry from my Comedy Circus days, I am still bearing the brunt that ‘Archanaji just keeps laughing and doing nothing on the show’.”

Nevertheless, it is now a thing that without Singh at the helm of the seat and the fun banter she shares with Kapil Sharma and Krushna Abhishek, there is no added fun.