When Arjun Rampal got into a heated debate with his fans

A late-night show unfurled before Arjun Rampal’s home a few days back. The on-screen character was evidently trailed by a gathering of fans, ideal to his doorstep, who needed to click selfies with Rampal. In any case, the Rock on-screen character was not all that simple to prevail upon.

A report in Spotboye exemplified the occasions that occurred on Thursday night. So Arjun Rampal was en route out of an eatery when a gathering of fans moved toward him and approached him for selfies.

At the point when Arjun’s driver understood that the on-screen character was not very anxious to oblige his fans at that hour of the night, he ventured in. The driver berated Arjun’s fans and ensured the performing artist could get into the auto as quickly as time permits. Following that, they drove off.

In any case, Rampal’s fans were not the ones to trifle with this berating. A couple of the fans took after Rampal ideal to his home, trusting that the star would at long last offer in to their requests. The moment Arjun ventured out of his auto, his fans whined about his driver’s behavoiur and approached him for selfies.

Arjun was not intrigued by this late-night banter by any stretch of the imagination. He had a warmed dialog with the general population and strolled off, leaving his fans baffled.

On the work front, Rampal is as of now anticipating the arrival of his film Daddy. The Ashim Ahluwalia-coordinated film depends on the life of criminal turned-lawmaker Arun Gawli.