As ‘Kaatelal & Sons’ goes off-air, Sahil & Megha reunite for another project

These days, instances of shows going off-air is a lot more prominent than not. An array of shows have either already gone off-air or will be going off-air soon and one of them is Kaatelal & Sons.

The Sab TV show went on-air back in November and was having a rather decent run all this time. However, only till a while ago it was confirmed that the show is all set to call it a wrap and will be going off-air by the end of August.

The show also enjoys quite a fan following and one of the prime reasons is the off-screen friendship that actors Sahil Phull-Megha Chakraborty and Paras Arora-Jiya Shankar share.

And especially when it comes to Phull and Chakraborty, there is a huge piece of good news that has come in for the fans if the actors. Phull and Chakraborty might not be seen in Kaatelal & Sons soon but they do have another project coming soon on the form of a web show.

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Not only that but the duo will be turning producers with the show as well. Talking about it with Iwmbuzz, Phull said, “I always wanted to make something of my own and with my vision. While we got the news of Katelal and Sons going off air, I thought it was the right time to make my long standing dream come true. I spoke to my co-star Megha Chakraborty and asked about her opinion and she immediately agreed as she wanted to explore the digital space. Thus, the work started.”

On her part, talking about the project, Chakraborty said, “The first project is called ‘Dil-e-Couch’ which is itself a unique name. It’s a family drama- comedy and its concept has not been touched by anyone anywhere in the world. I can’t share many details about the project but surely it will be loved by everyone.”

Signing off, Phull said, “We are very much excited about the project. We are working on the promo right now and hopefully it will be released by 28th August. I just want to request the audience to keep showering their love as they have been doing.”