BB 15 Weekend Ka Vaar prediction: Pratik’s anger to Karan’s gameplay, things we think Salman Khan will take up

The first week of Bigg Boss 15 has been high on fights, drama, and some love as well. A lot has gone down in the first few days of the Bigg Boss house, with each contestant doing their own thing. While the junglewaasis have tried to maintain a united front, Shamita Shetty, Pratik Sehajpal and Nishant Bhat did have a hard time towards the end of the week during the task.

With the first Weekend Ka Vaar today, India Forums decided to do a quick rundown of things we think host Salman Khan will take up with the contestants, and also a few things we think he must take up with them – both good and bad. So without delving too much into details already, here’s what our predictions for the Weekend Ka Vaar are.

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Pratik Sehajpal – for the fights and aggression

We have already gotten a glimpse of this in the precap from yesterday. Right from breaking and destructing property in the Bigg Boss house to the attitude that he has had for a lot of different things, and more recently, when he broke the lock. A lot of things have gone against him in the first week, and while fans are of a mixed opinion, he sure is going to get some hearing from Khan.

Karan Kundrra and Jay Bhanushali – for sweeping statements

Both Karan and Jay have been touted as two people who sure have a sense of understanding, and in fact, have been praised for a lot of their acts as well. However, both of them have passes sweeping comments, even though the former was seen trying to sort things out, but they aren’t as acceptable and so, many would agree. However, Karan is also likely to hear good things for his gameplay.

Afsana Khan – For her behaviour in the house

One will not be surprised if Khan takes it up with Afsana about her behaviour and conduct in the house. Time and again, many have been seen trying to explain things to her, but she has not been someone who has always listened to anyone. Maybe, Salman could make her listen and understand.

Miesha Iyer and Ieshaan Sehgaal – For their brewing love story

Many in the house have teased them and also wondered how is it possible to develop feelings so soon, but we might see Salman asking these two more about it and addressing the romance in the first place.

Simba Nagpal, Donal Bisht, and Sahil Shroff – For not being seen enough

Salman always takes such things up with the contestants, wanting them to up their game, and since all of them are nominated, it only becomes all the more important to work their way up and be seen. All three of them are of similar temperaments, but they must buck up.

While these seems to be things he is most likely to address and talk about, what might also draw his attention is Vishal Kotian’s antics, Shamita Shetty’s gameplay in the new show. What does he have to say to the likes of Akasa Singh, Tejasswi Prakash, Vidhi Pandya, Nishant Bhat, among others, is something that we too, want to watch out for.