Beyhadh written update August 14, 2017: Arjun rescues Saanjh and Maya decides to kill her

The scene of Beyhadh begins with Arjun asking Suman and the specialists to supplant him with some other individual on the operation bed. Suman does this with the specialists.

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At the point when Maya goes to check Arjun from the glass entryway of the operation theater, she discovers specialists working. She gets stressed thoroughly considering Arjun and advises the specialist she needs to come in. Ayaan and Shubh approach her and request that her quiet down.

In the mean time, Arjun finds the area of Saanjh and goes inside to save her. He begins beating the goons. Then again, Maya understands that the individual on the bed is not Arjun. She goes inside and yells at everybody and gets some information about Arjun.

Ayaan goes to her and discloses to her that Arjun has gone to spare Saanjh and now Maya will be stuck in an unfortunate situation. Maya gets furious and leaves from that point. She chooses to kill Saanjh this time. After at some point, Arjun salvages Saanjh however all of a sudden she drives him and keeps running from that point. Arjun gets stunned to see this and he asks her for what valid reason is she running.

Saanjh requests that Arjun not come after her and keeps running from that point.