Bigg Boss 10: Partners Salman Khan & Govinda To Come Together Again!

Yes, You have heard it right! Accomplices Salman Khan and Govinda will meet up once more. Uplifting news, would it say it isn’t? The nation’s two major geniuses will share screen space on Bigg Boss 10. Govinda will join Salman Khan on the ‘End of the week With Vaar’ scene this end of the week to advance his up and coming film, Aa Gaya Hero.

This is not the first occasion when that the on-screen character is showing up on the show.

Govinda had graced the show before alongside Ranveer Singh, Ali Zafar and Parineeti Chopra for advancing their film Kill Dill. The show ended up being superhit as their stand-out matching was cherished by the groups of onlookers.

Truth be told, when Ranveer, Parineeti and Ali went into the Bigg Boss house to meet the challengers, Govinda remained back and invest energy with his companion Salman. As the show is walking gradually towards the finale, producers are leaving no stones unturned to make it engaging.

As we had announced before, Shahrukh Khan is good to go to make an appeatance on the show to advance Raees in the up and coming scenes. Considering the way that the accomplices Govinda and Salman share an incredible cameraderie, we are certain that their comic planning will be at its pinnacle this time also. The scene will be a giggle revolt! Stay tuned for more redesigns of the show…