Bigg Boss 11 UNSEEN! Shilpa Shinde Asks Akash Dadlani Not To Touch Her!

Bigg Boss 11 is hitting features for either reasons, on account of the disputable competitors. A ton of things occur inside the Bigg Boss house, yet we get the opportunity to observe just a single piece of it on TV! A couple of concealed and uncut recordings are distributed on Voot. In the current scene, we saw Shilpa Shinde steamed as she felt Akash was touching her improperly. She lashes out at Akash as she feels he was acting mischievously with her. She even grumblings about the same to the housemates. In a concealed video, Shilpa is seen facing Akash. Read on to know more… Akash Forcefully Kisses Shilpa It must be reviewed that Akash had powerfully kissed Shilpa and the fans needed the producers to toss him out of the house. Akash Pulls Shilpa’s Cheeks In the most recent scene, Akash was additionally observed pulling Shilpa’s cheeks even after she endeavored to stop him. Shilpa Complains To The Housemates Shilpa was seen whining about Akash Dadlani to Hiten Tejwani and others as she feels Akash touches her improperly and she doesn’t care for it any longer! Obviously, she needed them to advise Akash to keep up remove from her! Hiten Asks Her To Confront Akash Hiten advises Shilpa to tell Akash straightforwardly as she ought to be the first to stop him, while Shilpa tries to influence him to comprehend that she attempted commonly yet he isn’t considering her important. Luv Tyagi Makes Akash Understand Later, Luv Tyagi was seen going up against Akash and influencing him to comprehend as to not get into mischief with Shilpa! At the point when Luv informs that Shilpa was whining concerning Akash to Arshi and Hina, Arshi asks him for what valid reason she is griping following 10 weeks. Vikas tries to influence them to comprehend that Shilpa felt that Akash was treating her like his mom some time recently, however now she doesn’t feel the same. Hina feels that Shilpa is sufficiently solid to disclose to Akash the same! Additionally, Arshi is seen supporting Akash, while Puneesh asks Akash to not to drag the issue and explain the issue. Bigg Boss 11 UNSEEN! Shilpa and Puneesh Confront Akash In an inconspicuous video, Shilpa and Puneesh endeavor to influence Akash to comprehend the same. They disclose to him that his activity of kissing her (Shilpa) may outrage the others in the house! Bigg Boss 11 UNSEEN! Shilpa Feels Lucky To Meet Salman In another concealed video, Shilpa is seen telling Puneesh and Hiten that she feels fortunate to meet Salman Khan. She additionally lets them know with respect to how she feels apprehensive before Salman! Puneesh as well, reverberate the same.