Bigg Boss 14: Jasmin Bhasin: There is acceptance of love for Aly Goni, will be cordial with Rubina

Bigg Boss 14 witnessed a shocking elimination this week as one of the most popular housemates, Jasmin Bhasin got eliminated from the show. As soon as the news of her elimination was out, fans have flooded the internet with trends of “bring Jasmin back”.

Jasmin has been one of the top contenders for winning Bigg Boss 14. She was also warned by host Salman Khan for her behaviour with Rakhi Sawant while there have been other instances too, that has caught everyone’s attention as a part of the journey. As seen, Jasmin’s eviction shocked even Salman Khan where he teared up.

We got in touch with Jasmin post her eviction and she spoke about her journey, current equation with Rubina Dilaik, plans with Aly Goni, and more. Read excerpts from the interview here.

How shocking was the elimination for you?

All four of us who were nominated were really strong and it wasn’t very surprising as one of us had to go, I did hope that Aly is not evicted so I was not as sad about my elimination but I did feel bad for my fans who have been fighting for me day and night. So yes, it wasn’t shocking as everyone’s journey has to come to an end at one point, mine happened to be now. I also think that no matter who lifts the trophy, the real winner is someone who remains unchanged, and I would like to believe I managed to do that.

Aly’s health also seemed to have suffered after your eviction, how worried were you about him?

I was very worried about his health and I know he is a winner and he totally deserves it, which is why I did not want that his health to suffers and I was a little bothered but I want the fans to start loving him and supporting him aggressively.

Do you think your fight with Rahi Sawant made things worse?

If I wouldn’t have spoken about those things then I would have been a liar and someone who is scared of not speaking up about what I feel and I cannot be that person. Hence, I don’t have any qualms about whatever I did because I have always said that I will be who I am and I will say whatever I feel, so when I have to go, I will also leave with my head held high. Why will I be scared? It is just that is who I am.

We saw Jasmin and Aly’s relation go up a step, so what is your relationship status?

The current relationship status is that there is no more denial now, there is acceptance, and we know that there is a lot of love so I am waiting for him to come out of the house so we can talk about this and come to a conclusion on how to take it forward.