Bigg Boss 14: Jasmine Bhasin loses her cool at Rahul Vaidya, says she cannot be a part of the show

Jasmine and Rahul are two extremely solid competitors in the house. The two have never gelled and are consistently at loggerheads with one another.

In the previous hardly any scenes, we have seen that Rahul and she have had huge battles and not been on the same wavelength with regards to their perspective.

We presently went over a video where one can see Jasmine and Rahul in a real sense having a battle with one another.

During the captaincy task that will occur today, Rahul and Jasmin will get into a battle, and it will end up being a terrible one.

In the video, one can hear Jasmin revealing to Rahul that she would not like to manage the work with such a second rate class individual and she has had enough.

She additionally asks how could he undermine her.

The Naagin entertainer additionally says that she can’t do this show any longer as it’s outside her ability to control. This is the first run through Jasmin’s full displeasure and disappointment comes out and the housemates attempt to reassure her as she totally loses her cool.

All things considered, it seems like watchers will get the chance to see the opposite side of Jasmin, yet there is no uncertainty that the entertainer is an expected victor.