Bigg Boss 14 Synopsis, Day 21: Eijaz feels confused about Pavitra, Rubina gets into a fight again

Things start on a rushed note on day 21 in the Bigg Boss house. Kavita Kaushik is seen applying pressure where needed as a skipper when she approaches Rubina Dilaik to cut organic products for her morning meal. Rubina will not do as such and says that Kavita, as a commander, can not exploit her position. Love blooms again as Eijaz Khan is seen getting some information about coloring his whiskers. Nikki requests that he check with Pavitra on that since she trusts Pavitra has affections for him.

Nikki additionally reveals to him that Pavitra is continually discussing Eijaz with different housemates. While Eijaz is seen admitting that he is single for as long as three years, Pavitra is battling to name her connection with Eijaz. The second round of the Bigg Boss WorldTour starts and all the contenders are started up about creation sure they dominate the game! The contenders need to take the packs of others to win the undertaking.


Rahul Vaidya ends up being the pro hunter as he takes Eijaz’s pack and keeps it out of the Red Zone. He at that point directs his concentration toward Abhinav’s pack as he advises him to confide in him by giving his sack to him. Simultaneously, Naina, who is the sanchalak in the assignment, can’t help contradicting Rahul’s choice to keep the sack outside the Red Zone. Rahul and Naina conflict big time over this. Before long, Pavitra and Rahul plan to take Abhinav’s sack forcibly and figure out how to do as such!


Rubina blows up on observing her hubby lose the assignment and flares out at Pavitra and Rahul. Pavitra lashes out at Rubina and questions everybody about passing judgment on her tendency cruelly. Who will win the sack task? Will Rahul rise as the zenith hunter who has taken the most packs? Will Eijaz and Pavitra have the option to set their personalities aside and have a sweet relationship?