Bigg Boss 14 Synopsis, Day 27: Nikki, Pavitra, and Jaan team up against Eijaz

The vibe of retaliation in the house is cresting as Eijaz and Pavitra’s endless assaults on one another have the entire house engaged with keeping them at a protected separation. While what once seemed like fondness has now changed into scorn among Eijaz and Pavitra, the feeling of affection among Jasmin and Aly is set to give the game another wind.

With Aly Goni going into the house as the special case competitor, Jasmine is the most joyful and is heard communicating that all that will be the best from this point forward. Bigg Boss has given Aly an uncommon errand for Jasmine, going ahead in the game, which will either fortify their bond or put it to test.

The Bigg Boss house transforms into a close planetary system for the captaincy task. The candidates in the green zone play the planets spinning around the circle on the signal, while the ones in the red zone will come out individually to push the planets out of the circle. The one to lose track and land on the ground first will be out of circle and out, a ultimate choice of which lies with the Sanchalak. Nikki, Pavitra, and Jaan plot their systems and attempt to push Eijaz out of the game, however things go in a new direction and afterward the sudden occurs.