Bigg Boss 15: Multiple occasions when Salman Khan and others lauded Simba for being ‘himself’

Simba Nagpal’s fans were left heartbroken ever since he walked out of the show. Simba who never indulged into frivolous fights or arguments and was just being ‘himself’ throughout his journey, recieved immense support from not only the audiences but also the show’s host as well. Simba was time and again lauded by Salman and he cited Simba as the gospel of someone who is being calm and composed and is still winning.

Here’s a couple of instances when the guests and the show’s host lauded Simba for being the most chivalrous one inside the house!

Salman expressed his disappointment after Simba’s eviction :

On one of the Weekend Ka Waar’s Salman had expressed his disappointment over Simba’s eviction. While yelling at the other contestants, He had said “Simba was the only real contestant who got evicted unfortunately”

Farah Khan expressing her desire to cast Simba in one of her films!

When Farah had entered the house, she appreciated Simba for being kind and down to earth. She also expressed her desire to cast Simba in one of her upcoming films on the show. In short the actor was being appreciated for being himself on the show.

When Salman lauded him for being calm and composed, and asked the other contestants to learn from him!

Remember the infamous show down between Pratik and Karan? Salman who was super uoset at the contestants for breaking and violating the rules of the game. He cited Simba’s example and said that you all should learn from him rather than pointing him out for his game.