Bigg Boss 15: Umar Riaz and Miesha Iyer to fight in the captaincy task

Colors show Barritser Babu will soon see a major change. The show was recently in the news for going off air. While Barrister Babu will air its final episode on 14th November, before that, there will be lots of twists and turns and here’s a quick update about the same.

Before the show goes off air, the makers have decided for a short leap. As per the on going track, Batuk is staying as Anirudh and Mallika, who is Batuk’s girlfriend, is trying to expose him. Post the six-month leap, we will see that Mallika’s mom tells her to mix mushrooms in Bondita’s food, which will lead to a miscarriage.

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Bondita is about to eat the food mixed with wild mushrooms when Batuk gets to know about it and reaches in the nick of time and stops her. He then confronts Mallika and drags her out of the house asking her to leave.

It will be interesting to watch how will Batuk keep the secret and what will happen to Anirudh, who is now in a semi conscious paralytic stage.