Bigg Boss 16: Manya Singh gets eliminated

Bigg Boss 16 season is getting interesting with each passing day. The housemates are trying their level best to keep the audience glued to the show the high voltage drama. Every week, there is one contestant who will make an exit from the show due to less voting. After Sreejita De’s exit from the show, the latest housemate to take an exit from the show is Manya Singh.

We had exclusive reported about Manya Singh, Sumbul and Shalin being nominated this week and Manya had to exit due to less voting.

This Weekend ka Vaar was hosted by Karan Johar as Salman Khan was suffering from dengue. Also this week, Manya has been getting blasted by the netizens for her filthy comments against Soundarya Sharma and every time flexing about being the Miss India runner and claiming that she is the one who represented India.