Chakor lays a TRAP to EXPOSE Imli; Imli’s truth comes to fore in Udaan!

Hues’ Udaan is good to go to see some significant changes in their up and coming tracks of the show.

With Suraj (Vijayendra Kumeria) removing himself from her, Chakor (Meera Deosthale) discovers comfort in Vivaan’s (Paras Arora) organization.

In any case, Suraj gets envious and irritated with Chakor and Vivaan investing increasingly energy. Be that as it may, he loses his understanding when he sees the team moving together in an inebriated state. Suraj at that point tosses water on both of them and censures them for acting improperly before the whole town.

He at that point gets them home and advises Chakor to let her fixation on discovering Imli (Vidhi Pandya) and furthermore reveals to her that he (Suraj) will abandon her in the event that she doesn’t get over this fixation.

A discouraged Chakor at that point takes Saanvi and goes out and Vivaan illuminates Suraj about the same. Dreading Saanvi’s prosperity, Suraj and Vivaan discover Chakor and prevent her from harming Saanvi. In the wake of protecting his little girl, Suraj calls the psychological shelter and with an overwhelming heart, send Chakor there.

Imli then again, resumes her place on her position of authority and praises herself for having disposed of Chakor. Be that as it may, she soon understands that it was a trap that Chakor and Vivaan laid for her, when Chakor encounters her.

Suraj and Vivaan too come to the haveli and that is when Chakor uncovers her arrangement of catching Imli and demonstrating to everybody that she is alive. Not having the capacity to take in her annihilation, Imli hauls out her weapon to shoot Chakor, however Suraj hits Imli on the head making her oblivious.

On understanding that Chakor and Vivaan were without a doubt saying reality in regards to Imli, Suraj apologizes to the couple.