Chandra Nandini: Nandini refuses to forget her ugly past!

Post Dadi’s entry in the show, Chandra and Nandini have to make sure that they are a well behaved while staging to be a much-in-love couple. But this does not seem to be going too well with Nandini.

In the upcoming episodes, Nandini will recollect the bond she shared with her close family members and will weep thinking about the time when she mourned her father and brothers’ loss.

Watching her weep, Chandra who deep down his heart, is a good man will try to calm her down to which Nandini will respond sarcastically by faking that she is fine with whatever Chandra did to her family.

If not for this ugly truth in Chandra and Nandini’s lives, the two look like they are made for each other. We wonder when will they see the brighter side of their relationship?