Cheeni to reunite Aryan and Imlie; Malini, Anu and Aryan to reach Pagdandiya in ‘Imlie’

Star Plus show ‘Imlie’ has kept fans hooked to the TV screens. The current track of the show revolves around Imlie and Aryan separating and living their individual lives. Imlie rescues Malini-Aditya’s baby Gudiya and is bringing her up.

Imlie and Cheeni are staying at Pagdandiya as independent journalists. As informed by India Forums, in the forthcoming episodes, Aryan will end up in Pagdandiya as one of Imlie’s reports will put a bad impact on Bhaskar Times. Aryan will be shocked to cross paths with Imlie again. The duo will be totally against each other. Imlie will focus on sending Aryan out of the village while Aryan would want to teach a lesson to Imlie.

In the forthcoming episodes, Aryan will be seen bonding with Cheeni not realising that she’s the same baby that he used to bond brilliantly five years ago. Imlie tries to send Aryan out of the village while Aryan attempts to get rid of Imlie. However, when villagers humiliate Imlie and the kid, Aryan takes their side. Malini and Anu arrive at the village to create more problems.

Furthermore, Cheeni finds out the history of Imlie-Aryan and decides to unite them. Aryan decides to return to the city for good but the kid follows him in the boot of his car. Once they reach Rathore house, the kid insists on having Imlie around. Aryan has no choice but to get Imlie back home. Malini tries to create a rift. Imlie decides to resurrect Bhaskar Times.

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