Diya Aur Baati Hum: Sandhya To Deliver A Baby Girl; Story Ends On A Good Note!

We had reported earlier that, the makers of the Star Plus’s popular show Diya Aur Baati Hum, have decided to wrap up the show on a good note on August 15. Now, we bring you more details regarding the happy ending. As per the current track, Sooraj (Anas Rashid) is paralysed and Sandhya (Deepika Singh) is determined to learn cooking in order to look after the sweet shop. Sooraj has been her pillar of strength, and becomes her cooking guru.

In the upcoming episodes, Sooraj will be seen helping Sandhya in preparing sweets in the sweet shop. Unfortunately, the shop gets locked, as a result of which both of them are trapped inside the shop. Moments later, Sandhya’s labour pain starts! Sandhya tries to shout for help and calls Bhabho (Neelu Vaghela), but in vain. Sooraj watches the scene helplessly, as he is unable to move. But, he will be unable to watch her in pain, and tries to get up from his wheelchair, using all his efforts! Surprisingly, he gets up and finally opens the door. Post this, Sandhya delivers a baby girl!

Bhabho will hand her to Sooraj. Much to everyone’s happiness, he dances with joy. In this way, he recovers from the paralysis. This will definitely pave way for a grand celebration in the Rathi family as the happiness is restored in the family after much hardships! Sandhya will get a new responsibilty of inculcating good values in her daughter. Are you excited about this happy ending? Share your views in the comment box below.