Faltu determined to live with her disability in Star Plus show ‘Faltu’

Star Plus’s popular show ‘Faltu’ has been garnering a lot of love from the audience for its interesting and encouraging story of a girl and her journey. The show is also getting good numbers to the channel. The ice on the cake indeed are the new twists and turns that the makers are constantly bringing to the audience with its promos.

The current track of the show revolves around Faltu losing her eye-sight. Pratap and Charan are wanting to get treatment for Faltu. Ayan also wants to find a donar for her.

In the upcoming episodes, after Tanisha finds out the truth about Faltu, she is insecure about her position as Ayan’s wife. While Tanisha wants Faltu out of the equation, Siddharth wants Ayan out of theirs. He decides to support Tanisha. Ayan comes over to talk to Faltu about that night, right then Ajit walks in and Faltu talks to him in a way a wife talks to her husband. Ayan feels heartache and leaves after exchanging a few heated words with Faltu.

Now, Faltu is further demotivated to seek an operation as she feels things will only get worse. Her mental state she needs to accept her reality and make the best out of what she has. She thinks that she can’t ask Maathsahab to intervene in this at all. She is still a fighter with a hint of practicality.

As the last eligible day for Faltu’s operation comes close, Faltu consoles Pratap and Charan that she can live a perfectly normal life even when she’s blind and also adds dreams (cricketing) can change as she cannot do away from her reality. Now she just wants to be a good daughter to Charan.