Frustrated with Anuj’s behaviour, Anupama performs a tandaav in ‘Anupamaa’; Rupali Ganguly to impress fans

Star Plus show ‘Anupamaa’ is getting the love of the audiences. The current track of the show revolves around Anuj being upset with Anupamaa for moving on easily after Choti Anu’s exit from the show.

In the upcoming episode, the Kapadiya family along with Devika, Dimpy and Dheeraj gather to see Anuj and Anupama as they talk about the incident. Anu tries to console Anuj. She asks him to vent out and say everything that is going in his mind. Anuj fumes in rage and shouts at Anupama for forgetting about his grief and Choti Anu leaving them. Anuj goes on to say that he feels suffocated with her and doesn’t want to be with her any more. This shocks Anu. Devika tries to convince Anuj to think about Anupama but in vain.

Furthermore, Anuj packs his bags and tries to leave but Anu tries to convince him to stay. She begs him not to break the relationship. Anu cries while Anuj doesn’t budge.

Now, the latest we hear is that the show is all set for a major turn as Anupama finally vents out her anger. Since a few episodes, Anupama has been trying to hold on together and console Anuj. His behavior will adversely affect Anupama and she performs a tandav to vent out her frustration.

Anupama recalls everything that happened lately and dances. The sequence has already been shot and from what we hear, Rupali has aced her performance in the scene.

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