Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Virat tries to make Sai jealous; Bhavani blamed for Vinayak’s condition

The current track of ‘Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin’ irevolves around the Chavan family getting to know about Sai being alive. The family is shocked to know the same and are in denial. However, Virat has explained to them that he met Sai in Kankavli and she is the Doctor aunty that Vinayak is seeking treatment from.

In the upcoming episodes, Ashwini loses her calm on knowing that Sai is alive. She recalls all the moments that took place in Virat’s life after he learned about Sai’s demise. Ashwini prays to God to keep her family away from Sai. Bhavani and Sonali calm her down and agree to her.

Ashwini goes to Pakhi’s room and confronts her and gifts her a gift. She asks her to wear everything that symbolizes a married woman. She sees her nuptial necklace missing and questions her about the same. Pakhi understands that Ashwini is afraid of Sai re-entering their lives. Pakhi asks her to calm down. Bhawani enters Vinayak’s room and decides to delete Savi and Sai’s number from the phone. Vinayak follows her and asks her to stop but he falls off the stairs and gets hospitalized.

Vinayak keeps calling Sai’s name and doctors ask the family to get him treated by Sai. Jagtap cheers Savi up and takes her to the house. Sai snaps at him but he asks her not to take her anger out on Savi. Furthermore, Virat-Pakhi end up at a jewelry shop where Virat sees Sai and makes Pakhi wear a necklace. Sai sees it and sells off a ring stating it is of no use to her. Pakhi sees the ring.