Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin’s Ayesha Singh: I am not a social person, never affected or influenced by it

Star Plus’ Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin has been receiving a lot of love from fans, and the same is visible as the show has constantly been a top 2 on the TRP list. The show continues to achieve one feat after the other, and the recent of them all is the show clocking in 300 episodes. India Forums got in touch with Ayesha Singh aka Sai and she spoke about the feat, as well as trends that fans keep doing.

As the show clocked in 300 episodes on September 17, ask her how big a feat would she say that is for her, and she has the most humble of replies. Ayesha says, ”I think it is really great that we are completing nearly a year and 300 episodes, it is a huge deal, we are very grateful to the audiences for loving the show and getting it here with good numbers, not just getting it here. I feel very lucky that I am a part of the show which is loved by everybody, which had Rekha ji’s support, she encouraged us, it started with her and I think the show, until now, has given great moments and great experiences, and great stories, and entertained, and we continue to do that.”

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Fans trend the show, her character, and SaiRat every now and then, ask her if it does get overwhelming, and she makes a revelation that many, would know. She told us, ”I am not a very social media person, I was never one, so I did not really know what is trending and what impacts does it have, and I was never affected or influenced by it, I am always grateful that all such things are happening. It does make me nervous, happy, and a bunch of mixed feelings, including proud, honoured, and grateful, that they love the show, but it does not influence me in anyway that I would change anything if it was trending and if it would go other ways.”

She added, ”I think I am very grateful to the audience that they love SaiRat, the character, and I want to continue doing what we are doing so that we keep honouring the love we are getting. It is like I want to keep up with the expectations that people have from my character Sai, or SaiRat, or even Ayesha. I am not a social media person, so I need to be in loop about what is happening. I am not overwhelmed, but I am happy about it.”

Currently, we will witness a major turn of events in the show, and that is likely to change a lot of what follows ahead.