Hina Khan NEVER Had Problem With Food In The Bigg Boss 11 House; Says Her Journey Was SUPERB!

Hina Khan was absent from online networking for a long while. The reason expressed by her was that she needed to invest energy with her family. At last, Hina Khan was seen visiting with fans through Twitter LIVE talk. Amid the visit, Hina said that her Bigg Boss adventure was sublime and included that she didn’t have any issue with respect to nourishment in the Bigg Boss 11 house! Read on… The Show Was Biased and Judgemental Towards Her; What Do You Have To Say? At the point when a fan remarked that the show was one-sided and judgemental towards her, Hina said with a grin that everybody has their perspective about the show. Everybody performed well in the house. She includes, “By the day’s end, how your adventure was matters and I think my trip was magnificent.” ‘There’s Lot More That Will Come Our Way’ She includes that she learnt a ton from the Bigg Boss house and her excursion was wonderful, eventually it’s not tied in with winning or losing. It’s about how you perform and your experience. She says, “And folks, Bigg Boss is finished. There’s parcel progressively that will come our direction.” You Have Lost A Lot Of Weight, What’s The Secret? Hina says she has shed pounds as she ate less and never had garbage in the Bigg Boss house. Additionally, in light of the fact that the sustenance they got in the house was constrained. She additionally included that she never had issue with respect to nourishment in the Bigg Boss house! Hina and Shilpa It must be reviewed that Hina and Shilpa had contentions over sustenance. Hina had issue with Shilpa’s cooking procedures. Indeed, even Shilpa had said that Hina treated her like a worker! All things considered, the above explanation (of Hina) may come as a stun to Shilpians (Shilpa’s fans).