How’s that? Watch Wagle’s excitement for the India-Pakistan match in ‘Wagle Ki Duniya’

Wagle ki Duniya never fails to strike a chord with the audiences with its relatable story of the Wagle family and their daily lives. The show makes for the perfect family watch with a fantastic mix of drama, entertainment, and a slice-of-life narrative. The upcoming episodes will narrate an interesting story around the most popular sport in India – Cricket, which is considered to be nothing less than a religion in India.

The cricket fever is at its peak in Sai Darshan society and its India-Pakistan match, the excitement level is undoubtedly going to be high. Jyoti and Yamini are planning to put a screen in the clubhouse so that everybody can enjoy the match together. Everybody is excited for the match and making plans to wind up work as early as possible to enjoy the match. Everyone has bizarre superstitions in place when there is a match between India and Pakistan. Sakhi and Radhika have some irrational beliefs as they watch Indian cricket team play. Sakhi only wears yellow colored top during a match and Radhika believes that watching match at home would bring bad luck to India. Rajesh and Vandana get important work at the last moment which might ruin their plan of enjoying the match.

Will Rajesh and Vandana get to watch the match with everyone? Will Sakhi and Radhika follow their superstitions this time? Commenting on the same Pariva who plays the role of Vandana said, “The bond of Indians with cricket is totally unique. The relationship which people share with this sport is truly astounding. People at Sai Darshan have a similar relationship with cricket, and they are very excited for the India-Pakistan match. Jyoti and Yamini are making plans so that all the women in the society can also enjoy the match, but Vandana will have an urgent and important work to finish and so will Rajesh. Will they be able to finish their tasks to enjoy the match with everyone? Even I’m excited to find out.”

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