Hrithik FINALLY breaks silence on Kangana: 7-year passionate affair with no evidence?

Kangana Ranaut opened a container of worms when she as far as anyone knows alluded to Hrithik Roshan as a senseless ex in a meeting. That was January 2016. Just about two years and a fight in court later, their spat keeps on standing out as truly newsworthy. While Kangana has been extremely vocal about her side of the story, Hrithik decided to kept mum. Be that as it may, he has at long last ended his quiet in light of the fact that the circumstance has turned “threatening” for him.

Calling the media reports about their spat a “carnival”, he wrote in an announcement on Twitter, “I don’t perceive any effortlessness in adding to this bazaar by affirming with regards to my character in a circumstance that I have no contribution in at all.”

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Eliminating any confusion air about the “messy unreasonable wreckage”, he expressed, “in all actuality, I have never met the woman being referred to one on one in all my years. Truly, we have cooperated, yet there has been no meeting in private. That is reality.”

Alluding to Kangana’s “companion” who told the media that Hrithik had proposed to her in Paris, he stated, “An affirmed 7-year-long, energetic issue between two prominent superstars with no trail deserted. No proof, no paparazzi pictures, no witnesses, not even a token under lock and key like a selfie taken at the asserted engagement which is guaranteed to have occurred in Paris in Jan 2014. Nothing that constitutes a trade or any kind of evidence of a sentimental relationship. However we need to trust the other party on the grounds that the talk is – Why might a young lady lie.”

He additionally clarified, “My international ID subtle elements demonstrate no go outside the nation in Jan 2014 which is the date this claimed engagement evidently occurred in Paris. The main supposed evidence displayed of this claimed “relationship” was a captured picture in the media. This was instantly uncovered, the exact following day by companions including my ex.”

Discussing the spilled messages that are doing the rounds that Kangana has guaranteed were sent by him from her record to his, Hrithik stated, “There are 3000 uneven sends which possibly I have sent to myself or the lady being referred to has sent to me. The Cyber Crime office can demonstrate or refute either story, in only a couple of days. I have surrendered every one of my gadgets including tablet/telephones and so on which are as yet lying with the digital cell, yet the other party has declined to do as such.”

Their fight in court is accepted to have originated from an illicit relationship went bad. In any case, Hrithik would have us accept something else – “This isn’t, and I rehash not, a sweethearts’ spat. I unassumingly ask for individuals to quit naming it as one… I have been bugged by this for a long time… I am not here to blame or judge anybody but rather it’s opportunity I guard reality.”