I feel that Gargi has started trusting Mannu as she sees that honesty in him: Kangan Baruah of ‘Sab Satrangi’

Following an interesting turn of events in Sony SAB’s Sab Satrangi, Daddy Khushwa (Satyajit Sharma) finally gets to know the truth about Vishwas (Pulkit Bangia) staying at the Maurya house. Mannu (Mohit Kumar) has been trying his best to prove to Gargi (Kangan Baruah) that Vishwas is not the right guy for her. However, Gargi is far from seeing the truth. For her, Vishwas might be wrong sometimes but she loves him nevertheless. However, Mannu, despite his promise of leaving Gargi, has started developing feelings for her. The upcoming track will definitely see a change in Mannu and how he reacts towards Gargi.

Accidentally, Kanak and Diwakar break the bed in Mannu-Gargi’s room and bring a double bed as a gift for the couple. Vishwas is definitely displeased with this gift and confronts Gargi on her loyalty. In an honest retort, Gargi tells him that she trusts Mannu over Vishwas. Mannu overhears their conversation and doesn’t like that Vishwas questioned her over something so trivial. In an open conversation with his father, Mannu expresses his deep feelings towards Gargi. Shyam Babu suggests the latter confess his feelings to Gargi. But Mannu says that it is Gargi’s choice and he won’t force his feelings on her.

Will Gargi ever come to know about Mannu’s feelings?

Mohit Kumar essaying the role of Mannu said, “Mannu has had a fairly long journey with his wife now who is in love with someone else. It is definitely tough for Mannu who loves Gargi, to see her getting manipulated by Vishwas. But regardless of his feelings, what’s more important for Mannu now is to make Gargi see the truth about Vishwas and his cunning ways. I am sure the audience will be in for a treat when the day comes, so keep watching Sab Satrangi only on Sony SAB.”

Kangan Baruah essaying the role of Gargi said, “Gargi has slowly started to see through Vishwas. Especially now, when Mannu has started making her see the truth and intentions behind his actions. I feel that Gargi has started trusting Mannu more because she sees that honesty in him. Also, subconsciously, her feelings for Vishwas are rather platonic and hence are not that deep rooted. But, nevertheless when the time comes, Gargi will be heartbroken because Vishwas is her first love.”

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