I was quite intrigued to learn more about my character in ‘Maddam Sir’: Pankhuri Awasthi

Sony SAB’s value-driven show Maddam Sir, that’s been winning over the hearts of audiences for depicting the story of four dynamic lady police officers, is all set for a dramatic twist in its casting. Pankhuri Awasthy Rode, the immensely talented and popular face in television joins the show as an AI (artificial intelligence) officer to assist SHO Haseen (Gulki Joshi) and the team to solve high profile cases.

In the upcoming turn of events, the Mahila Police Thana gets attacked by a group of gangsters. On hearing that, the head department states that the Mahila Police Thana is not safe to be on its own and recommend a change to be brought in. SHO Haseena Mallik (Gulki Joshi) and Sub-inspector Karishma Singh (Yukti Kapoor) from the Mahila Police Thana are called for a meeting with the Chief Inspector to discuss various high-profile cases while the Chief Inspector also introduces the new AI officer who will be assisting them on these new cases. To everyone’s surprise, the newly appointed intelligence officer is here to keep an eye on the cases 24×7 and to keep everyone charged up. While SHO Haseena Malik and Sub Inspector Karishma Singh have 90 days to teach the new AI officer and bring out humane emotions in her assignments, they are all set to take on the new challenge. Actress Pankhuri Awasthy plays the new officer who is, in fact, a robot.

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We got in touch with Pankhuri and asked the gorgeous actress about her husband Gautam’s reaction on her bagging ‘Maddam Sir’, she said,“I obviously discuss with him if anything comes my way. He already knew that I’m in talks for the show and the character. The character had an element of intrigue and we were both inquisitive for it to unfold. It’s very rare that somebody has played a robot on television. I mean, it’s not an everyday thing and that made us all the more excited”.

When asked about what prompted her to take up the show, Pankhuri added, “I always prefer doing diverse roles. If you see my journey, I have done many different characters; be it Draupadi, Razia Sultan, Amla among others. This character was also something that I haven’t done before. The entire brief of the character was quite fascinating and thus I grabbed the offer”.

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