Imlie and Atharva face new challenges after Cheeni’s exit from their lives in Star Plus show ‘Imlie’

Star Plus show ‘Imlie’ is getting quite interesting with each passing episode. In the previous episode, Cheeni was adamant about exposing Imlie to the family as she got proof against her. Cheeni learned that Imlie had been pretending to lose her memory; however, Imlie was doing the same, only to bring Cheeni’s true face to the family.

Imlie will successfully expose Cheeni’s real intentions to the family in the upcoming episodes. Cheeni will lose against Imlie and will get highly revengeful. Furthermore, Atharva and Imlie start their life afresh after Cheeni’s exit.

In the forthcoming episodes, Rudra learns about Aaksh doing major fraud in the transport business with the help of Imlie and Aadhar. He throws him out of the company and manages the company all by himself. Imlie sees this and gets worried for him, and thus she pushes Atharva to join the business. He obliges and starts working while he doesn’t enjoy the same.

He receives the responsibility to submit a project the next day, but he dozes off. Later, he gets surprised to see that the project gets completed. He later learns that Imlie did the same. Atharva wants Rudra to know about the same, but Imlie stops him because she is happy with how he and Rudra’s relationship has improved.

Additionally, Aakash and Keya will focus on making things difficult for Atharva and Imlie as they are not happy with the importance that he is receiving.

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