Imlie: Cheeni wishes to get Atharva back into her life; Atharva falls for Imlie

Star Plus show ‘Imlie’ is riding high on success. The current track of the show revolves around Imlie learning about Atharva having an affair with someone else and that he doesn’t love her. In the upcoming episodes, Imlie confronts Cheeni and slaps her for her wrong doings.

Cheeni gets defensive and reveals the rivalry that she has for Imlie since many years. Cheeni tells everyone that the difference is that she is a Tripathi while Imlie is a Rathore. She expresses that she always faced secondary importance among the duo and people always only loved Imlie over her. Imlie tells Cheeni that if she would have just told her once, she would’ve given everything to her and wouldn’t even come in between Atharva and her.

In the upcoming episodes, a heartbroken Atharva pleads Imlie to stay back at Rana house as Rudra has suffered a massive heart attack and his health might deteriorate if she leaves the house. Imlie gets stuck in a dilemma as she has to choose between her dignity and health of a close one. Imlie chooses Rudra’s health over her dignity and stays at the Rana house. Imlie and Atharva share an awkward equation.

Later, Atharva starts falling madly in love with Imlie after realizing her goodness and kindness. He also gets a reality check over Cheeni and her real intentions. Meanwhile, Cheeni realizes her mistake and vows to get Atharva back into her life.

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