Ishq Par Zor Nahi actress Akshita Mudgal recalls her favourite scene from the show

Ishk Par Zor Nahi on Sony TV is definitely one of the most loved shows so far and it continues to grab a lot of eyeballs, all for the right reasons. The show features Akshita Mudgal, Param Singh, Shagun Sharma, and Rajat Verma in the lead roles. The show has been churning out interesting twists and turns and has all the attention to see how things eventually work out for everyone on the show.

Meanwhile, as the show draws to a close, when India Forums spoke to Akshita, and asked her about her favourite scenes, she had quite a few to recall. She mentioned, ”I think a couple of scenes which I really enjoyed, my drunk scene, where I confess my feelings for Ahaan, I think that one, apart from that there’s one emotional scene, poolside and then, all the romantic scene which we shot, then recently, there was a cute bedroom scene. where they are cuddling, trying to romance and they are running away from each other, at the same time they want to kiss each other also. It displays a cute bonding of Ishqaan.”

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She added, ”Apart from this, I also love some major emotional scenes from Ishqaan. So I think there are many scenes, and it will be difficult to choose a specific favourite scene, I love all the scenes from Ishqaan.”

Meanwhile, the show is drawing towards a close and will be going off-air next week. Though there were reports about the show getting an extension, things did not work out and it will shut shop soon. Everyone on the team was upset about the show going off-air and in fact, their last day on the sets turned out to be quite an emotional one, as told by Akshita herself in an interview earlier.