Jay Soni and I share a great comfort level which reflects onscreen: Shagun Sharma of ‘Sasural Genda Phool 2’

Star Bharat’s popular show ‘Sasural Genda Phool 2’ is currently on a high point as Ishaan and Titlee are set to get married. In the quest to hide from Deva bhai and his goons, Titlee and Ishaan accidently enters a marriage hall where group marriages are happening. The duo pose as a couple to hide from the goons, however, they end up getting married in the process.

Lately, there were many hard-hitting, emotional scenes of Titlee where actress Shagun Sharma completely aced the scenes and won million hearts. Titlee has had a difficult childhood and she finds it difficult to express her emotions well. She has been through a lot and have struggled a lot too which have made her a strong individual who keeps smiling in all given situations.

Talking about performing emotional scenes, Shagun said, “Honestly, a lot of it comes naturally. I just sit with the script and think that I myself is facing those things and it really helps me to emote well on camera. At times, I don’t even need glycerine as I naturally weep in the scenes. I can relate to Titlee a lot”.

When asked about growing romantic scenes with actor Jay Soni, Shagun said, “Well, we didn’t have many romantic scenes as such. Some light and normal romantic scenes have started pouring just recently. I’ve not performed many romantic stuffs in the past and thus I’d told Jay to help me with it because this is not my forte and he has been very considerate and helpful. I believe it’s very important to have a comfort level with the co-actor and I’m blessed that Jay and I are quite comfortable with each other. If the actors are not comfortable, it reflects on the scene and the camera catches the same. Jay and I share a fun bond, we keep on irritating each other and have a good time on the set”.

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