Junooniyat: Jahaan successfully rescues Shikha & exposes Ranjeet

Colors ‘Junooniyat’ stars Neha Rana, Ankit Gupta, and Gautam Singh Vig. Under the banner of Dreamiyata Productions, it is produced by Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey. The show has launched just a while ago and has been attracting the admiration of the audience already.

It is already seen how Bua wishes that Elahi gets married to Ranjit. Elahi and her father are helpless and she is forced into the marriage. Soon, to protect her, Jahan and Jordon will plot a plan to save Elahi from the marriage.

In tonight’s episode, Ranjeet’s friends hear a voice outside the storeroom and leave, much to Jahaan’s relief. However, Bua forcefully locks Elahi in her room. Jahaan manages to sneak into her room to help her with some water and churan, creating a tender moment between them. Jordan also arrives, and the two boys start arguing until Elahi stops them. Bua, Dadi, and Ranjeet soon arrive in the room, and Ranjeet pretends that Elahi had agreed to the marriage but later changed her mind and got him beaten up. Elahi denies this, and Dadi forcefully takes her to the mandap. Later, Jordan receives a call from Ekam, and they discover information about Ranjeet’s ex-wife. Jordan decides to sit in the mandap, and Jahaan goes to Ranjeet’s house in search of Shikha.

As the wedding ceremony begins, Husna calls Ranjeet and tells him that Shikha is in danger. Ranjeet is tensed and leaves the mandap, and Jordan takes his place beside Elahi. Ranjeet watches the CCTV footage of his house and discovers that Shikha is in the storeroom. Meanwhile, Jahaan wants to rescue Shikha, and flee the place with the goons standing at the door with guns.

Will Jahaan successfully rescue Shikha and expose Ranjeet?