Kangana-Deepika cold war comes to an end: Looking back at the rivalry

Kangana Ranaut’s unexpected show of support for Deepika Padukone has everyone reeling in shock. That DP faced a lot of flak for her choice of outfit at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2016 is widely known. While Daily Mail went as far as to call her a “Bollywood blunder,” Kangana stood up for her and told Mid-Day, “Everyone is entitled to their opinion. When you are out and about in show business, you can’t please everyone. It’s not a big deal what the style police says.”

What is so shocking about this, you may ask? Only that Kangana has repeatedly made it clear that there is no love lost between her and Deepika. It all started with an award ceremony in 2014 where DP won the Best Actress award for Happy New Year, but dedicated it to Kangana for her brilliant performance in Queen.

Kangana reacted unexpectedly to the gesture and told Hindustan Times, “Yes, I heard about that, but I hope someday, she would tell me in person what she feels about my work. I would appreciate that a lot more.” The Fashion actor continued to echo this even in a later interview with Rajeev Masand, where she said that actors like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Amitabh Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra personally called her to praise her performances, but Deepika never called her up directly.

Soon after, Deepika tried to make amends and called Kangana to clear the air. Kangana told Hindustan Times about their “emotional and heartfelt conversation,” which did not go down too well with Deepika, who asked the media not to make a hullaballoo over a personal conversation between two actors.

On the face of it, everything was well. Deepika invited Kangana to a special screening of Piku and also the film’s success bash. The two seemed to have buried the hatchet after a series of misunderstandings, but that did not last long.

Deepika could not make it to Kangana’s Tanu Weds Manu Returns (TWMR) screening, and Kangana rued to DNA, “I did extend an invite to Deepika, but I never got a response. I have always been supportive of my contemporaries and will continue to be, but it is hurtful when you don’t get the same kind of support.”
Reportedly, a furious Kangana not only did not call Deepika for the TWMR success bash, but walked out without even a hello when DP (who was invited by producer Krishika Lulla) entered.