Kanwar Dhillon: What I receive for Shiva Pandya & Pandya Store is unmatched

Kanwar Dhillo aka Shiva from Pandya Store, has been at the centre of receiving all the love and adulation from fans for the longest time. The actor never misses a chance to express his gratitude to the fans and makes sure that what he receives for the show, is reciprocated too.

Today, he took to Twitter and wrote about how he is grateful and that though he has received love for everything he does, what he has gotten for Pandya Store and Shiva remains unmatched.

Kanwar wrote: It’s taken me a decade to experience all I do everyday of my life today from all my fans & well-wishers! Have received love & appreciation for all my roles/shows in all these years but what I receive for #shivapandya & #pandyastore is unmatched.

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In another tweet, he wrote: Beyond grateful to have you guys as such a beautiful support system & motivational factor. No awards matter but only this reward does, this is what I work for! Public aur apni janta ka pyaar hi sabkuch hai,thank you dil se! Promise to give my best always

Meanwhile, the show has been keeping the fans hooked with how things have been moving for Shiva and Raavi (Alice Kaushik). ShiVi’s romance has been at the centre of everything that has been going on and all the fans are nothing but ecstatic about what they have been witnessing. Now, all that there is, is to see how and when they get together once and for all.