Kasam Spoiler: Rishi Kidnaps Tanu From Her Mantap To Marry Her!

The never-ending twists and turns in the Colors’ popular show Kasam has enthralled the audiences; they are glued to their television sets to watch the sweet reunion of the couple, Rishi (Sharad Malhotra) and Tanu (Kratika Sengar). In the last episode, we saw how Tanu saved Rishi when a man threw knife at Rishi at the sangeet ceremony.

Tanu comes in between, thus saving Rishi and she gets hurt in the process. Soon after that, the attacker flees the scene, but Rishi follows him; beats him mercilessly, but he doesn’t get to know the truth.

In the upcoming episodes, a lot of interesting sequences are lined up which will amaze the viewers. Rishi-Neha and Pawan-Tanu’s haldi ceremony will be taking place. Tanu is worried, as Rishi would have promised her that he will marry only her, no matter what. Ahana, Tanu’s younger sister, will get to know Rishi’s genuine love for Tanu. On realising that Rishi is the perfect match for her sister, she will decide to help him!

Together, they plan to stop her wedding with Pawan. But how? We bring you the details right here. In the forthcoming episodes, Rishi decides to kidnap Tanu right before her wedding with Pawan! Yes, you have heard it right. Ahana will spike Tanu’s drink, which makes Tanu unconscious. Rishi and Ahana then manage to take Tanu out of the house by wrapping her in a mat, without anyone noticing them.

Rishi will then take her to Maa Kali temple to marry her right away! Will Rishi marry Tanu? Give your comments in the comment box below.